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Social compliance audits to ensure that a partner is abiding by its responsibilities to their business and its employees. The audits are conducted by experienced professionals and are conducted in line with the SA8000 standard, Sedex, BSCI, CTPAT which is an international benchmark. This standard takes a long-term view of social compliance and encourages consistency. It encourages organisations to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable practices. Generally, the main areas that are investigated during a social compliance audit are: • Freedom of association – the right to join trade unions and bargain collectively • Working hours – compliance with laws and industry standards regarding maximum working hours • Discrimination – no discrimination when it comes to hiring, remunerating, training, promotion and termination • Wages – remuneration should at least meet minimum legal wages with appropriate overtime rates • Child labour – no use of children in the labour force or supporting this practice • Forced labour – no compulsory labour, no salary withholding, and allowing employees to terminate employment • Disciplinary practices – no abuse of employees • Health and safety – provide a safe and healthy workplace with medical attention and hygiene standards The social compliance audits are usually done via a combination of thorough facility inspections and walkthroughs, detailed documentation reviews and comprehensive interviews with employees and even management. Social compliance audits are therefore a good way to ensure you are not contributing to environmental or social harm, even if it is inadvertently. We conducting and abiding by social compliance consultancy in Delhi, India is the best way to ensure your operation and its partners are doing things the right way.
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