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Five reasons to upgrade to iPhone Xs

Apple just announced not one, not two, but three new iPhones at the special event last Wednesday. Now you may be thinking, "my current phone is working just fine, why would I need to upgrade?" This happens every year, and you may need reasons to justify your purchase if you intend on upgrading what you have right now.

If you need some help, here's five reasons why you should upgrade to the iPhone Xs or Xs Max.

  • Better camera
  • More storage
  • Dual SIM capability
  • Improved battery life
  • Larger screens in smaller form factors

1. Better camera

With every iPhone iteration, Apple improves the cameras, and the iPhone XS is no exception. While Apple didn't bump up the megapixel specs (it remains at 12MP like the last few iPhone models), they brought a few other improvements to the dual camera system.

With the Xs and Xs Max, iPhone photographers get larger sensors, improved TrueTone flash, "Smart HDR" mode, and the new ability to edit a Portrait Mode image's depth of field after the fact.

The Smart HDR utilizes several technologies at once to bring out more highlight and shadow details in your photos. This is possible by having faster sensors, enhanced ISP, and better algorithms in the software.

Portrait Mode has been a huge game-changer since Apple introduced it back on the iPhone 7 Plus, and now you'll be able to finally edit the bokeh and depth of field on Portrait Mode images after you take them. This allows for total control over the outcome of your shots, creating even more amazing portraits. This also applies to the TrueDepth selfie camera, so you can capture perfect selfies with minimal effort.

2. More storage

With amazing camera systems that can take amazing photos and even 4K video capture, the storage capacity can fill up quickly. Fortunately, the iPhone Xs comes with larger storage, up to 512GB. Last year, the max storage capacity offered was 256GB. While that's plenty for most people, if you install a ton of games, take a lot of photos and record video often, then that space fills up fast.

If you would rather not have to worry about running out of space on your iPhone ever again, then you should get an iPhone Xs or Xs Max in 512GB. I mean, that's half a terabyte in your pocket!

3. Dual SIM capability

Do you often need to use two smartphones, perhaps one for personal and the other for work? Then the iPhone Xs' ability for dual SIM would be a reason to upgrade.

The iPhone Xs is able to have this functionality due to its new support of eSIM. However, you'll need to be in one of the 10 countries that use eSIM, and your carrier must also support it. The process of adding a secondary number to an eSIM is done by adding a plan to the eSIM, which can be a tad tricky.

While we won't cover the steps involved here, just know that if you need two numbers but just want one phone, the iPhone Xs lets you do so.

4. Improved battery life

The iPhone X battery life sat somewhere between an iPhone 8 and an 8 Plus. In terms of upgrades this year, if you want more battery life, then an iPhone Xs Max is the way to go.

With the iPhone Xs, the battery only lasts 30 minutes more than the original iPhone X. However, the iPhone Xs Max provides another hour and a half, so if you need a larger battery that'll get you through the entire day, the Max is the one you want.

5. Larger screens in smaller form factors

If you're coming from an iPhone 8 Plus, then the iPhone Xs would be a great upgrade. That's because the XS comes with a 5.8" inch OLED screen, which is larger than the 8 Plus' 5.5" screen, and it's a smaller form factor. So if you find the size of the Plus devices to be a bit unwieldy at times, then the Xs is worth upgrading to.

However, if you already have an iPhone X, but have been wanting even more screen, then the Max is for you. The massive Max provides a huge 6.5" inch OLED screen, and it's about the size of a Plus device overall. So for those who don't mind a behemoth of a phone, then the Max provides even more information and visuals at-a-glance.

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