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ISO 22000 HACCP Certification in Delhi, India

HACCP refer to the analysis and control of the food hazards that deals with the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points. The requirement of the standard states, the management system should be in compliance with the international legislation and codes of practices.

An organization seeking for the ISO 22000 HACCP Certification can consult our professional to gain in-depth knowledge about the standard. Our consultants are experienced and well aware of the standard n its implementation process within the organization dealing in any business verticals.

The essential requirements that need for the organization to acquire the accreditation of HACCP is as follows:

  • Cleaning and sanitation at the workplace (manufacturing unit)
  • Maintenance of the OH & S policies
  • Pest control
  • Personnel hygiene and training
  • Premises and structure
  • Healthy condition of plant and equipments
  • Waste Management
  • Services (compressed air, ice, steam, ventilation, water etc.)
  • Zoning (physical separation of activities to prevent potential food contamination)
  • Storage, Distribution, and Transport
  • The safety and hygienic condition of all the above mentioned factors need to be under the control of the management system.

The ISO 22000 addresses standard for the food safety management in an organization.

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